The Dark Below

In the Cornish coastal village of Porthenev, a storm of blood-soaked violence is brewing…

Escalating acts of sabotage are threatening the livelihoods of local fishermen. Desperate to apprehend the culprit, they turn to private investigator Blake Hollow for help.
A seasoned veteran in wrangling dangerous criminals, Blake still grapples with her own ghosts, but views this case as just another routine assignment. Little does she know, the fishermen of Porthenev are harbouring secrets darker than the ocean. And the deadliest of them all is about to resurface.

When one of the men vanishes without a trace, Blake is unnerved by the nightmarish crime scene left behind in his wake. As she delves deeper into the heart of this once tight-knit community, she discovers the price of keeping silent is paid not just in blood but in a chilling conspiracy that threatens to consume everyone involved.

Now Blake must navigate treacherous waters to solve a mystery unlike any she’s encountered before—and stop a sadistic killer with a taste for flesh, who is hellbent on exacting gruesome retribution.

The Dark Below by Malcolm Richards is a gripping and relentless crime thriller that will leave readers on the edge of their seats, craving the next twist in this pulse-pounding tale of suspense and revenge.

Malcolm Richards - Author

British writer Malcolm Richards crafts stories to keep you guessing from the edge of your seat. He is the author of the Emily Swanson mystery series and the Devil’s Cove Trilogy. The Cove – book one of the trilogy – was a finalist in the 2018 Holyer an Gof Cornish book awards.

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