After Midnight

At a remote roadside diner in Cornwall, waitress Norma is counting the minutes until the end of her double shift. But all hell is about to break loose.

A horribly injured stranger staggers in from outside. Believing he’s the victim of a road accident, Norma and her boss Jean rush to his aid before he bleeds to death.

But with the diner miles from the nearest town and the phone lines mysteriously down, their chances of saving him are growing slimmer by the second.

Then a second stranger appears , and suddenly it’s clear that something is very wrong. Now Norma and Jean aren’t just fighting to save the dying man’s life. They’re fighting to save their own…

‘After Midnight’ is a nail-biting suspense thriller that will have you turning on the lights. Get it as an exclusive FREE download when you subscribe to Malcolm’s Readers Club newsletter.


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