Trail Of Poison - Emily Swanson #3

Max Edwards had a secret. Now he’ll take it to his grave.

Unofficial private detective Emily Swanson knows how it feels to lose everything. Which is why she agrees to help a grieving widow look into her husband’s death.

Recovered alcoholic Max drowned in the River Thames. A toxicology report reveals that he was dangerously drunk, but his wife insists he’d been sober for years.

As Emily follows a trail of clues, she starts to question Max’s honesty. Then she investigates the chemicals company he worked for and makes a disturbing discovery.

Now Emily is convinced that Max was murdered and a missing mother and son are the key to understanding why. But will finding them sign their death warrants? Because a horrifying conspiracy is in play and those involved will stop at nothing to protect their secrets.

Now Emily must do everything in her power to discover what happened to Max—or more innocent people will die.

Trail Of Poison is a nail-biting crime thriller from M.J. Richards and marks Emily Swanson’s first case as a hired private investigator.

Previously published as Cold Hearts.


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