The Devil’s Hand


Summer has come to Cornwall, yet a chill is lurking beneath the warm weather.

Several years ago, twins Morgan and Sandy Teague ran away from home and into the clutches of the notorious Dawn Children, a cult responsible for the decimation of a town called Devil’s Cove.

Now, with most cult members dead or imprisoned, the siblings are still missing. On the eve of their twenty-first birthday, their desperate parents hire Blake Hollow to bring them home.

At first, Blake is reluctant to take on the case – she’s heard terrible tales of the Dawn Children’s violence. But when she discovers disturbing connections to another dangerous and secretive group, she knows she must locate the twins, who may or may not be held against their will, before it’s too late.

Because this new rising cult is ruthless in its nature, guarding its objectives with vicious intent.

Caught in a race against time, Blake must risk everything to infiltrate the cult. But she is unaware that the closer she gets to the truth, the deadlier the retaliation will be.

In The Devil’s Hand, the stakes are high, the dangers are real, and evil is waiting in the shadows…


Release date: Tuesday 26th November 2024


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