The Hiding House

“Creepy…menacing. A unique, atmospheric story.” – Snazzy Books

Every family has its secrets…

Life was always cruel to Sebastian and Elise. Until their abusive mother mysteriously vanished. Now they have found happiness living with their grandmother. But when a tragic accident leaves her dead, the children find themselves suddenly alone.

Elise knows she must act quickly to protect her younger brother. So why does she insist they stay hidden from the
outside world?

But as the siblings try to survive in their woodland home, it’s soon clear they’re not as alone as they think. Lurking in the shadows is a terrifying secret. One that holds the key to their mother’s disappearance.

And now that secret wants to come inside.

An unsettling blend of psychological horror and dark family drama, The Hiding House is the gripping debut from Malcolm Richards.

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