Prey for Night

There are many ways to die in the desert…

The plane went down in less than a minute. One moment personal assistant Jane was staring out the window at the sprawling Mojave desert, the next she was squeezing her eyes shut and praying for a quick death.

Yet somehow Jane has miraculously survived the crash. Now, along with a nefarious Hollywood agent and a badly injured flight attendant, she must find her way out of the desert and back to safety before it’s too late.

With night falling fast, the trio stumble upon an abandoned ranch and are forced to take shelter. But Jane and the others are about to discover the ranch isn’t as abandoned as they think—and dehydration isn’t the only way to die in the desert…
A chilling short thriller by award-nominated Malcolm Richards, Prey for Night will have you on the very edge of your seat.

PLEASE NOTE: Prey for Night is a short read of 1-2 hours in length.

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