An unlikely sleuth with a dark past. A gripping crime series you won't be able to put down.

0.Wish Me Dead mj.jpg


A standalone prequel to the Emily Swanson series. Get it FREE when you subscribe to the author’s Readers Club newsletter. Not available anywhere else.

1. Next to Disappear mj.jpg


The woman who used to live in Emily Swanson’s new home is missing. Some say the nurse ran away from her husband. Others believe he’s behind her disappearance. But what Emily finds is worse than anyone can imagine…

2.Mind for Murder mj.jpg


When Emily visits an isolated woodland retreat called Meadow Pines, she’s determined to overcome the ghosts of her past. Then one of the guests is found dead…

3.Trail of Poison mj.jpg


When a grieving widow hires Emily to investigate the mysterious death of her husband, it seems like an open and shut case. Then Emily discovers the dead man’s shocking secret…

4.Watch You Sleep mj.jpg


When Jessica Harris receives a disturbing letter from someone called The Witness, who claims to be watching her home, rookie private investigator Emily Swanson is hired to find out the truth. Is it a hoax or are Jessica and her children in grave danger?

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The first three Emily Swanson thrillers in one money saving collection.