1. My favourite authors include: Stieg Larsson, Stephen King, Alice Sebold, Koji Suzuki, Margaret Atwood, & Cormac McCarthy.

2. I have pirate tattoos on both forearms—a skull & crossbones on the left, and a galleon on the right.

3. I’m a huge nature lover—you’ll find a lot of rural settings in my books.

4. I’m lactose intolerant. Don’t give me ice cream—you’ll regret it.

5. Jack Daniels.


Cornish born Malcolm Richards writes dark mysteries and thrillers.  After studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Writing at Middlesex University, London, he went on to work as a literacy tutor, a therapeutic teacher of children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, and as a teacher of creative writing. He has also worked as a freelance copywriter and scriptwriter. 

When not writing, Malcolm enjoys composing and producing music, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and spending more and more time in the countryside. He lives in Crystal Palace, London, with his partner Mr Smith, a cat named Sukey, and a fish called Freddy Krueger.


I was born and raised in Penzance (‘as in, Pirates of…’ I once heard a tourist say), Cornwall. Naturally, a childhood growing up by the sea led to career ambitions of becoming a pirate (the friendly, rum-drinking type, not the wicked, pillaging type). But due to a morbid terror of open water and the fact that I was, and remain, the type of swimmer who does very well at drowning, I opted for my second career choice: to become a writer.

Relocating to London in 1997, I spent the next three years studying for a BA in Writing at Middlesex University. On our very last day, we were given a careers talk, which went a lot like this: ‘You chose to do a degree in writing—good luck.’

I spent the next eleven years carving out a career in teaching. I began by teaching teenagers to read at an inner city school, then went on to work with kids with ASD. Later, I retrained and moved into more therapeutic teaching, leading a nurture group for 5—9 year-olds who were experiencing extreme social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties (it was this experience that led me to write my debut novel, The Hiding House). Lastly, I  taught creative writing classes to 7-11 year-olds, which as fantastic as it was, served to remind me that I had essentially put my own writing career on hold. It was time to set sail and hope I didn't throw up or fall overboard along the way.


Most of my novels focus on everyday characters rather than police detectives. There are already plenty of great police procedural novels out there. Plus I’ve always preferred stories in which ordinary people are thrown into extraordinary circumstances—an empty-handed character cornered by a ferocious lion makes for a much more exhilarating read than one where the character brandishes a gun.

My novels also go to some pretty murky places—they’re certainly not ‘cozy’—so if you like your mysteries a little darker, you should definitely take a look at my Emily Swanson series.

To find out more about my books, to request an interview, or to drop by and say hi, please contact me here.


Author photos by Matt Turrell.