Watch You Sleep

Someone is watching your every move…

When Jessica’s husband is arrested for fraud, her family’s future is thrown into jeopardy. Then the letter arrives. Someone called The Witness claims to be watching Jessica and her children through the windows of their home.

At first it seems like a sick joke. But as more unhinged letters and disturbing events follow, it’s clear that The Witness is real and means to do them harm. Yet is everything as it seems?

Private detective Emily Swanson is hired to debunk Jessica’s claims. It’s the kind of case that could boost her career, but as Emily draws closer to the vulnerable family and the identity of The Witness, she soon finds her loyalty questioned . . . and her life in grave danger.

Watch You Sleep is inspired by the chilling true story of the Westfield Watcher and is the fourth nail-biting book in the Emily Swanson series.

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