It's a slow night at Hap's Truck Stop & Diner, and for struggling waitress Norma it's another night spent away from her young daughter. Far from the nearest town and with no Internet access to pass the time, her only company is her elderly boss Jean.

But the quiet is about to be shattered. When a horribly injured man stumbles in from the road, Norma and Jean have only minutes to save his life. With the phone lines mysteriously down and the nearest hospital out of reach, the women may be fighting a losing battle.

After a second stranger appears, it's suddenly clear that nothing is as it seems. If the injured man was in an accident, where is his car? And why does the stranger insist he knows Jean when she's certain they've never met?

As Norma sets off for help, what began as a quiet night will end with pulse-pounding terror in this gripping and twist-filled suspense thriller that will keep you guessing until its final page.

Walking After Midnight is a novella of about 70 pages.