The Hiding House

Every family has its secrets. Every secret has its price.

Life was terrible for Sebastian and Elise. Until the day their mother vanished. Now the young siblings live at their grandmother’s isolated woodland house. But their happy existence is about to be torn apart.

On a sweltering summer’s day, tragedy strikes and the young siblings are left vulnerable and alone. Elise knows she must act quickly to protect her younger brother, but instead of going for help she insists they stay hidden from the outside world.

As Sebastian begins to suspect his sister’s motives, Elise must fight to protect her brother’s life. Because hiding in the wood is a terrifying secret. One that holds the key to their mother’s disappearance. And now that secret wants to come inside.

An unsettling blend of psychological suspense and emotional family drama, The Hiding House is a unique and gripping page-turner.


Walking After Midnight

Walking After Midnight.jpg

It's been a long night at Hap's Truck Stop & Diner. Young waitress Norma is counting the minutes until the end of another double shift. But all hell is about to break loose.

A horribly injured stranger staggers into the diner. Believing he's the victim of a road accident, Norma and her elderly boss Jean rush to his aid. But with the diner miles from the nearest town and the phone lines mysteriously down, their chances of saving him are looking worse by the minute.

When a second stranger appears it's suddenly clear that Norma and Jean aren't just fighting to save the dying man's life. They're fighting to save their own.

What begins as a quiet night will end in pulse-pounding terror in this frightening and twist-filled suspense thriller.

Please note: Walking After Midnight is a novella of about 70 pages.