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Madness, murder and medicine collide in this edge-of-your seat psychological mystery that will keep you guessing until its nail-biting end.

No one knew much about the woman who lived in apartment 12A. Her name was Alina. She was always covered in bruises. She disappeared.

Now troubled young teacher Emily Swanson has moved into the vacant apartment, along with a few dark secrets of her own. She doesn’t want to talk about her past or why she suffers from panic attacks. But Emily does want to talk about Alina.

At first, she’s only curious to know what happened. Then she uncovers chilling evidence that suggests there’s more to Alina’s disappearance than meets the eye.

Answers may lie at a hospice for the terminally ill. But as Emily becomes increasingly obsessed, is she risking her sanity?

More than that, as she draws closer to the bizarre and shocking truth, is she risking her own life?

For fans of Gillian Flynn, Dennis Lehane, Stieg Larsson and Robert Dugoni. Discover the gripping new series featuring an unlikely heroine with a dangerous thirst for justice.

"Spellbinding suspense...hair-raising scenes that kept me on the edge of my seat." Readers' Favorite

The Emily Swanson Series:
Book 1: Lost Lives
Book 2: Cruel Minds
Book 3: Cold Hearts