“Spellbinding suspense…Hair-raising scenes that kept me on the edge of my seat.” Readers Favorite.

No one knew much about the woman in apartment 12A. She was a nurse. She kept to herself. She vanished without a trace.

Now troubled teacher Emily has moved in, along with a few dark secrets of her own. Emily’s life is in ruins and she’s supposed to be making a fresh start. But when she learns about the missing nurse, curiosity quickly turns into obsession.

Searching for answers, Emily is drawn across the city towards a hospice for the terminally ill…where she makes a shocking discovery.

Is the missing nurse a victim of a brutal crime? Is something even more unimaginable going on? Or has Emily got it all wrong?

With her sanity called into question and with no one she can trust, Emily must confront her own demons and uncover the horrifying truth—before she becomes the next to disappear.

'Lost Lives' is the first chilling novel in the Emily Swanson series. If you like shocking twists & turns, nail-biting psychological suspense, and a damaged but determined heroine, you'll love this compellingly addictive page-turner.