Emily Swanson came face to face with a psychopath and narrowly escaped with her life. But the emotional scars she's been left with run deep. Determined to close a door on the past and put an end to her nightmares, she visits Meadow Pines, an isolated woodland in the heart of the New Forest.

With no phones or Internet it seems like the perfect escape. Until one of the guests is found dead...

At first it appears to be a tragic suicide. But when help mysteriously fails to arrive and accusations start flying, Emily begins to fear the worst. Is one of her companions a cold-blooded killer?

Trapped in the middle of nowhere and with everyone a suspect, Emily must race to overcome her trauma and unmask the murderer...before they kill again.

Gripping and twisted with an atmospheric setting, Cruel Minds is the second mystery & suspense novel in the Emily Swanson series.

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