COLD HEARTS (Emily swanson #3)


Shamed ex-teacher Emily Swanson knows a lot about survival. She's overcome abduction, attempted murder, and a brutal media witch hunt. Emily also knows how it feels to lose everything. So, when grieving widow Diane approaches her with an unusual proposition, she can't afford to say no. 

Diane's eco-activist husband drowned in the River Thames, but she insists there's more to his death than meets the eye. Emily's job is to uncover the truth. As she begins her investigation, it quickly becomes clear that Max was not the man Diane thought him to be—and that he was keeping secrets.

Secrets with a deadly price.

As danger comes calling and the bodies begin to pile up, Emily finds herself the target of a shadowy and unstoppable force. Out of her depth and with usual partner-in-crime Jerome busy with his own problems, Emily must join forces with an unlikely ally.

It's a lethal race across London and beyond as Emily puts her life on the line to reveal the truth about Diane's husband—and to expose a shocking conspiracy of global proportions.


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