Only the innocent will suffer…

Emily Swanson knows how it feels to lose everything. Which is why she can't say no to a grieving widow who turns to her for help.

Max Edwards drowned in the River Thames. A toxicology report says he was drunk, but his wife insists he’d been sober for years.

Emily quickly concludes that Max had been lying. Then she investigates the company he worked for…and uncovers something truly troubling.

Max isn’t the only one who’s dead. What’s more, a young boy and his mother are missing. Could finding them solve what happened to Max? Or is Emily signing their death warrants?

 A horrifying conspiracy is in play and those involved will do anything to keep Emily from their secrets. Even if it means letting innocent children die.

Packed with twists and turns and nerve-shredding suspense, Cold Hearts is the third gripping thriller in the Emily Swanson series.

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