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Emily Swanson used to be a quiet, small town girl with a troubled past. Now she's a confident young woman with a bright future. But a shocking crime will threaten to end her career, if not her her life. 

When fellow student teacher Becky vanishes just weeks before their finals, Emily is disturbed to find no one cares. Strangely, some even seem relieved.

Soon, Emily is questioning just how well she knows her friend. Because it seems everyone has a reason to hate Becky. But what if hate has led to murder?

Suddenly caught in a deadly web of lies and pursued by those who need the sordid truth to stay buried, Emily may be Becky's only hope.

But with time running out and her own life in danger, can she find her before it's too late?

Get instantly hooked on the dark and twist-filled mystery series that's been described as 'Nancy Drew meets The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'.